20 February 2015

Hitler Nuts

Sometimes when I let the Hammer loose to socialize with her dog and human friends I get distracted by own socializing with my dog and human friends. I love all my neighbours' dogs and you never know what you are going to talk about with people free of work, television and their god damn phones. Spontaneity is something we could use a great deal more of in our world if you ask me. Everything has gotten so fucking ordered it would drive Hitler nuts.

Sometimes, not often mind, I forget to to keep an eye on where the Hammer is shitting. What I do then, if I cannot find it straight away, is go back the next day and find some extra dog shit to pick up. It is not pleasant work. Kind of like working in a sawmill.

Give me a hot steaming pile of Hammer shit over some other dog's cold crap any old day.  

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RossK said...


Cold crap really is the worst.