21 November 2014

Good and Bad of Shomi

My cable provider has gone and created a new vehicle to suck even more of the forest dollars out of my wallet than it already does. The new money sucker is called Shomi. I thought the word Shomi was somehow familiar but I had forgotten where I had heard it before so I looked it up. Turns out Shomi is the secret society headed in North America by Gregor Robertson whose sole mission is to turn us away from cars and towards bicycles so that we can spend more money watching television instead of wasting it on car ownership.


They really are. Such motherfuckers they are even offering Shomi free for a few months to get new customers hooked to its many offerings. I signed up. Like an idiot.

First thing I watched was "Green Street Hooligans." Could never bring myself to pay good money to watch the movie in the past. Heard it portrays the old Millwall firm in a bad light.

Turns out the Millwall boys do not look so bad in the film after all and the chief hooligan from the Westham firm dies in the end. Five fucking stars for that.


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