2 October 2014

Double Checkin' Dishrags

Some time ago I bought the Dishrags' complete recordings. Double album's worth of two-tittied motherfucking punk rock history. I was supposed to write something about it long ago. Got sidetracked I guess. Not the first fucking time.

The studio tracks are every bit as good as the 45s on which they first deafened disco fever urban cowboy Earth. The live tracks, I am talking about the ones recorded when the 'Rags opened the Clash's first North American show in Dope City, are another story.

In those days magnetic north for my dick was the Dishrags. They had all the attributes a punk rock boy (or girl) could hope for. Tough as a loggers; sweet as sugar cookies; creative as Stompin' Tom Connors on Sudbury Saturday night.

I recalled their show as being about as good as punk rock got. Fast and loose as a two-bit whore loaded on speed and alcohol. As I may well have been that enchanted evening.

The recording does not quite live up to that. Their cover of Eddie and the Hot Rods' "Double Checkin' Woman" cannot even save them. But I still think you should go out and fucking buy it.

For the music.

And the photos.

Now, wet dream motherfuckers.


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Hey man. West,Bruce and Laing were the shit. Mountain and Cream. Yee fuckin' haw. Glad you are enjoying yourself so fucking much. Really, I am.