26 September 2014

Long Live Rock, Long Live DOA

From day fucking one I have preferred listening to Metal Machine Music at maximum volume to watching music videos on my television. I can see why the imaginationless would go for music videos. The imaginationless go for all sorts of rot.

Have a listen to Hawkwind's "Psychedelic Warlords" with your eyes closed if you have lost touch with the power of your imagination. You know what to do should you wish to push your imagination into four wheel drive.

If it were not for the rare film in which a really good bit of song gives the action a little extra spark I would have the same feeling about music in film as well. For every "Easy Rider" there are a thousand films with music I would have preferred not to hear - ever!

What I do like (and have always liked) are filmed rock shows. That is how I first heard Status Quo, Rush, Mahogany Rush and a great many more when in my stiff dick youth. Still like a good rock show turning up on my television screen.

Watched The Who's 2013 performance in London last night courtesy of my cable provider. My cable provider offers very few good rock shows but this is one of them. Odd thing about the show is the back drop behind Roger, Pete and their damn near faceless band is a giant video screen which takes the watcher through British history, both musical and otherwise, with a focus on the mod sods themselves, of course.

Highly recommend it. Glad Pete and Roger have chosen to rock on. Take a bow, motherfuckers.

Oddly I received news after watching the concert that DOA are officially unretired, making a new record, a rock opera tentatively titled "Gino" according to my suspect sources, and preparing to tour once more. Hope Joe sees The Who show. A similar video historical/biographical backdrop behind Dope City's most durable rockers (besides Sparkling Apple) would be pretty fucking cool.

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RossK said...

I agree with you on the rock video thing.

Except, of course, for...