19 October 2014

Change For the Better

Here in British Columbia it looks as if our Indians have had their ambition to once again control their land and resources, realized by a still recent Supreme court decision which made clear that stealing land, even if that land is stolen by white people, does not mean the stolen land remains in the control of the thieves forever.

The fucking government and the fucking corporations (who have been watching and beating off the whole time), have been fucking the Indians for well over 100 years on this coast. It is the only thing they are good at: Indian fucking and watching the Indians get fucked.

I would suggest the size of our fucking government is due for a good shrinking. The Department of Fucking Indians and its big steaming shitpile of lawyers, for one, ought to have a fork sunk deep in its ass - its done. The Legislature in Victoria should be turned over to the Indians. If there is anything left for the old Indian fucking government  to do they ought to be able to manage their affairs from a few cheap offices in Newton.

Seems to me the political parties that call British Columbia home ought to turn themselves over to the Indians as well. Our next Premier and Premiers forever more ought to be Indian people. Our province is their fucking land, they ought to manage it without interference.

I hope they change the name of this place too. The one we have now is way too fucking white. I, for one, would prefer Spuzzum to British Columbia.

Long as they do not close any liquor stores, I do not give a fuck what they do. Indian management of the place I call home cannot get any worse than the screwing of the people we have seen going on year after year after year.


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300 years. Manifest Destiny.1000 years Rotten murdering shitheads are still mining uranium on the Shiprock Navajo Res in NM.