12 October 2014

Brand New Age, Same Old Pigs

Briefly, for the benefit of those of you who do not live near, a cop was charged who, along with some screws, thought it good fun to sit back and watch two female inmates grind one another in a cell some years back. I am not saying the pig and his screw buddies were having themselves a good old circle jerk as they watched the live sex video but if they were not literally doing so they most certainly were doing so figuratively.

Canadian justice, when it arrives at all, arrives slowly, by dog sled one might say, with chihuahuas pulling the sled over thawed ground. So it was that last week a judge provided the clarity judges are so famous for in her ruling regarding the policeman's behaviour - a clarity all were expecting.

Scandalous behaviour by the police is permitted in Canada. Perhaps that is why my country has been so slow to permit police monitoring of society by closed circuit camera. We permit the police to behave like scumbags but we try to limit the possibilities for them to do so.

My country is really quite fucked. But then, so too is yours.

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