26 October 2014

Additions and Subtractions

Some additions have been made to the Dope City Free Press' Fellowship of Motherfuckers. WDVX-FM may be the best radio station in the world but both Dope City Radio and Lord Nelson's Kootenay Radio are fine examples of Free Radio both close to my heart and home. Check them out if you prefer not being bombarded by advertisements for shit you do not need.

Added Roar Magazine too. You just might like it if you have maintained your love of Freedom, are politically inclined, or are thinking about becoming politically inclined. The world needs your activism, motherfuckers. Now more than ever.

Deleted a few old Fellow Motherfuckers as well. If you are one of them I wish you had kept writing but most of all I hope you are well. If I know you have died, as England's (Doc 40) Mick Farren or Newfoundlander Lloyd Rees (Lloyd's Newfoundland) have done, you will remain a Fellow Motherfucker Forever.

As ever the Dope City Free Press remains untainted by the twin abominations Facebook and Twitter. #They can go fuck themselves and repeat as necessary.


Kim said...

I'm glad I made the cut. Note to self, write more!

PS. I hope that wasn't your job that went up last night.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Not my mill. Those shake and shingle outfits are like sticks of fucking dynamite. Not the first time that one has lit up I believe.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If is the policy of the Dope City Free Press to maintain ties with any like publication for about a year, even if they have not written anything for that long, once we have become blood-bloggers.

Your driver said...

I am "processing". Sooner or later I'll write it all down. You know, it's funny, when I'm working I feel like I'm cut off from the world. I have to write shit down because I'm afraid no one hears me. When I'm not working, it's not so urgent that I write, which is weird because I spend a lot of time by myself. I sure do miss Mick Farren.

ib said...

Issues with dead links are problematic. A year or so seems pretty fair...

In my case, it was never my intention to go AWOL for quite so long - less throw in the towel absolutely - and I find myself a little reluctant to spring clean the bleachers as a result. I find it depressing that so many fellow siblings seem to have tired or simply bowed out.

It's a motherfucker, all right.

Anyhow. Thanks for reinstating me.