17 September 2014

Silver Wood Machine

I do not collect 78s or any of the even older means music and words have been distributed through the years.

33s, 45s, cassettes and 8-tracks.

Trouble was I had no 8-track player. Never owned one in my life.

Until now.

Bought a working 8-track amplifier/tuner yesterday. Couple book shelf speakers to go with the archaic technology.

Called Hunky Z over to have a beer and a listen. Jammed Stompin' Tom Connor's Greatest Hits into the glowing silver and fake wood veneered machine.

"No fucking way!" Hunky exclaimed as the smiling ghost of Stompin' Tom and his big black boot splintering Canadian plywood boomed from the speakers.

We laughed so hard it hurt.

My head may be right here in the present but my heart is still somewhere way back in the motherfucking 1970s.

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astone said...

mine too!!!