7 July 2014

My City, My Province, My Country, the War Machine and Rock 'n' Roll

My city is fucked.

My province is fucked.

My country is fucked.

The world has gone to motherfucking war.

So let's talk about rock 'n' roll.

Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' roll!

If you see Johnny Winter's four cd career overview "True To the Blues" fucking buy it. (Does not appear to be available on vinyl for some strange reason.) I have been listening to Jimi Hendrix more than ever these past few years. Johnny taught Jimi a thing or two. Listened to Johnny a great deal when I was teenager in love with motherfucking Texas, the blues and rock 'n' roll. Not a lot since but always a little. Listened like a man careful with how he uses the needle. That needle. The needle that will destroy your blues like a long walk in the Canadian wilderness. If there is such a thing as too much great guitar playing, too much soul, too much too much, you will find it here.

One thing that pisses me off is I know there is buttloads of great rock 'n' roll out there I will never hear. You have to get lucky, live near the city, farmhouse or cabin in the heroin woods where it was created to get exposed to it. Lucked into a copy of Nuke and the Living Dead's "Dig This!" Fucking extraordinary punkabilly. Like a coastal faller's chainsaw colliding with Elvis' funeral procession. From Detroit these boys are. Detroit Rock City. Label is Crypt of Blood Records. Self released one other. Play around Detroit someplace every Hallowe'en. After the show the kids burn what is left of that ruin of a city down.

Sure do like The Black Keys' "Turn Blue." Makes me want to drop acid, form a commune that worships the Dope City Free Press (like people in my city worship fucked up governments of all levels in my country kicking the crazy and homeless when they are down) in the rock 'n' roll woods and set my people to killing rich movie stars.

Back in England, Status Quo have released a special edition of their "Piledriver" album. If you do not get Status Quo you most likely never will. For my money everything they released from "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon" to "Rockin' All Over the World" is solid fucking gold. "Piledriver" in particular. This commemorative release includes the re-mastered record, and a bunch of cool shit, recorded live and in studio, for the BBC. Want to know what makes this motherfucker tap his toes? Listen to "Paper Plane." This is the shit that caused me to burn down all the schools I went to before schools became nothing more than a means to mold free children into happy on time under budget low maintenance union what union fuck we will work for free workers for the war machine.

Speaking of commemorative re-releases, Rush have given the world yet another do over of their first record. Canadian as moose steak and a pitchfork optional rebellion this is. Re-mastered and printed on 200 gram vinyl it sounds better than ever. I am not one of those assholes you see walking around in one of their Rush tour t-shirts and long fucking hair (have not seen them since their brilliant hockey rink Dope City appearance about the time they released 2112 (are we there yet?) and at which they began their set at precisely 21:12 war machine time and if I do not see my barber once a month I get all itchy) but I L-U-V this record and the old TO cunts need to renovate their houses in the south of France so go fucking buy it.


RossK said...

I woke up Sunday morning to the words of New Musical Dope City Free Press Express coming down!


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Mick Farren may be dead but his deviant influence lingers on.

RossK said...


Danneau said...

Big splash back in '68 or thereabouts when Columbia paid a big signing bonus to JW: what a freak! He certainly has had staying power.
also did a double take when his rhythm section durned up behind SRV.
Winter's live Jumping Jack Flash is manic and I loved the albums he did with Rick Derringer.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

An older brother of friend introduced the two of us to both the Winter brothers in the very early '70s. American treasures, the both of them gave the world a lot of dirty ass rock 'n' roll.