1 July 2014

Free Casino Rock 'n' Roll

Caught my first casino rock 'n' roll show last week. About time I guess - I am older than Canuck fans' dreams of motherfucking Stanley Cup glory.

It was Paul Rodgers. I finally got to hear a Free song performed live. Sang a couple off his splendid "Royal Sessions" soul album, a Firm song and all the Bad Company songs his fans have better memorized than their national anthem as well.

Drummer was a little younger than Bad Company's so the show was a lot longer than the Bad Company show I saw last summer. Still was not dark by the time the near sell out filed out of the building. And I thought I would have to take the next day off work. Turned out I was right about that after all. The pub was still open for hours after the rock show was over.

Expect to see me more often at the rocking casinos.


Anonymous said...


Probably never occurred to him what he was worth. Still good news for those who supported him

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I do not think there were many who felt shortchanged by supporting Lou Reed. He knew that.

Anonymous said...

Sister Ray Enterprises is selling off some of Lou's belongings to support the Lou Reed Archive.