26 June 2014

English Oceans

Because I am a fan forever I will here remind you to get yourself a copy of the Drive By Truckers' latest. It is called "English Oceans." And it is fucking lovely.

The best American rock 'n' roll (and, heh, we are all motherfucking Americans by now aren't we?) not only sounds great; it reflects the country in real time. Chuck Berry did it in the '50's; Lou Reed did it in the '60s (and beyond); the Dead Kennedys did it in the '70s; DOA did it from Canada in the '80s; then along came the Drive Bys. America may not present a cheerleader pretty reflection these days but thankfully it is something Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley, the band's songwriters these days, can still look at and fuck when they wake up in the morning all hungover and shit.

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Anonymous said...

October 21 River Rockin Casino.

Psychedelic Furs bros Tim and Richard Butler with band.

President Gas, Into You Like A Train. Sister Europe.

I met a sobering R Butler in my local some years ago. His minder left him with me and I spent my last few sheckels on a Guinness and an ale to hear a few stories.

As would happen I was half crocked at the start but we carried on nonetheless.

A very nice man, he said that he had never stopped writing music and playing, so the show should be great.

He also told me why he became a musician.

See you there, I am in the third row left.

- Jonku