21 April 2014

Winner! Winner! 69 Mile House Dinner

Visited 69 Mile House on the weekend. It is easy to forget winter ever happened when you live in Dope City come April. Only heavy drinking will help you forget in 69 Mile where my favourite fishing lakes are nowhere near freeing themselves of ice and where snow dirty as RCMP history remains piled at the roadside.

There are always winter end stories to be told by your 69 Mile House friends, no matter who they are. Broken marriages, some expected, some not so expected; deaths slow as solutions to poverty and sudden as Stanley Cup overtime goals.

One evening we went to the casino - even towns as small as 69 have those now. Somebody we were with won $5000 playing roulette as I was busy losing a little playing Australian races. Did so by covering half the wheel with chips and cashing repeatedly.

You should have seen the pub after he cashed and shared his good fortune with his new friends. Before long it was like a fight scene from Gunsmoke in the pub.

"Isn't the owner pissed getting his placed smashed up like this?" I asked no one in particular.

"Fuck no," came the reply. "It's like this every Saturday night."

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