13 March 2014

Dope City Sverige

Here's a newsflash for you Canuck nation motherfuckers - your team is not the New York Yankees of hockey. If it was not for the hockey and business sense of Brian Burke your team would be the Montreal Expos of hockey. You would need the fucking internet to find them. If I were to compare the 'Nucks, as they are known to their Province reading retard faction, to a baseball team, I would compare them to the Swedish National baseball team.


kootcoot said...

"the Montreal Expos of hockey"

Though they never won a world series, in the late seventies early eighties the Expos were a real contender and may well have won it all in the season that got cut short and canceled.

I'm talking about the days of Tim Raines and the Spaceman......

Montreal earned its baseball marks when it served as the route Jackie Robinson followed to join the big show as the first black in the MLB.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Royals rocked. Without them baseball would never have attracted me as a fan.

The Expos remain the greatest sports team to never win a championship. Just ask Donald Sutherland.