9 January 2014

Welcome To Newton

Newton. I have lived in some shitty fucking neighbourhoods but none of them as dark or stinking as that shit pit.

Surrey, of which Newton is a small central part, has long had a reputation as a shit pit of a town. It is a place people from Dope City's when in doubt, knock them out East End have long feared to tread.

When I was younger this Surrey lad and his mates spent a lot of time in the East End. You can have a fuck of a good time there to this day. We took care not to run afoul of the East Enders, a neighbourhood that gained a reputation for merciless toughness the day the first thirsty logger with some down time on his hands set foot in Gassy Jack's famous tavern.

What we did not realize until later was that the East Enders were more concerned about us Surrey scum than we were of them.

You are now, and will be for a while yet, hearing from all sorts of loudmouth assholes about how to clean up Newton. More cops! More cameras! More jails! More panic! (Will not be long now before calls for, "More drones!" are added to the sorry fascist wishlist.) The usual bullshit we have all come to expect from the Full Metal Jack Offs who are more responsible for our world's sorry state of affairs than they will ever admit.

Do not buy it. We do not need that shit. What we need is what the fascists would prefer we would forget: Anarchy. Mutual aid. Freedom. The very bases of Order.

You want a peaceful neighbourhood? Build it yourself! The fucking government has never produced one yet.

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Anonymous said...

Two words; organised crime