31 December 2013

Two Bottles of Tequila

Looks like shit is ready for New Year's Eve. Sonja and I have two bottles of Hornitos we brought home from Mexico. I like mine simple: on ice with San Pellegrino. Sonja prefers margaritas.

The tequila will go well with the peyote that just arrived in the mail.

If we have not fallen down and hurt ourselves by midnight there is a bottle of 2010 British Columbia bubbly to put us over the top.

We are staying home. Going to watch the last of the "Sons of Anarchy" episodes we have been catching up with on dvd the last couple months. Five seasons worth. There was so much hype surrounding the show when it first came out we both figured it was shit for sure. Turns out it is a damn fine biker soap opera. First tv show I have watched with great music since "Gilligan's Island."

I have but three resolutions for 2014. I want to piss on Stephen Harper's leg. After that I would like to piss Christy Clark's leg. Lastly I would like to piss on the leg of Steepleton's mayor.

Anyone else needs pissing on will have to wait for 2015.  


thefog said...

Too bad The Hammer wasn't male... Could have helped out with all the pissing!
Love the SOA. Got into it late in the 5th season but working through a DVD of the first season now. Just hope they don't let Katy Sagal sing anymore!
Happy (Hornitos) New Year

RossK said...

You all have fun, but...

Save a little of that bubbly for the Eby Beverage Brigade you are supposed to be running this time next year.