29 December 2013

Red Nose Tugboat

Mill closed for Christmas and then some. Used to be we would work until we saw Sawmill Claus, skippering his red nose tugboat, pulling a raft of sparkling saw logs through the psychedelic sky. That was in the days before the sawmill owners began figuring out our seasonal alcohol and pill consumption might have something to do with the annual spike in accidents and fatalities that occurred each year end.

Now each Christmas the sawmill owners shut the motherfucking mill down for a couple weeks or more, install yet another piece of machinery that puts at least one guy out of work in the new year and jet off to Hawaii where they abuse more alcohol and pills than a sawmill hand could even dream of. The same Hawaiian parties British Columbia's former disgraced premier made famous when he was discovered by the police there just barely keeping his car between the ditches of a four lane highway.

This, to describe Sawmill Christmas in modern parlance, is a win-win for everybody. Us workers do not have to work until the whistle early Christmas morning; management gets to think it knows what it is doing; everybody gets shitfaced.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

my new year's wish is the ex-prem gets all shitfaced and looks left crossing Piccadilly...but he's probably cruising the Honopiilani looking for a skirt in a martini glass going the wrong direction from Nancy's unwelcoming arms.