19 December 2013

Short Message From a Dirty Mexican Jail Cell

Unironically, my last post before heading off on a three week vacation in Mexico dealt with the increased ease British Columbians may soon get shitfaced. No troubles of that kind here, my friends. Took me two and a half weeks to convince motherfucking Google I was on vacation down here however. My lawyer, who assures me he is worth every penny I pay him, assures me I will be home in time to help you drink your Christmas liquor. The very same lawyer who once assured me peyote was legal down here, "But not in such quantity Senor Cerveza."


RossK said...

Two things...

One - Is it not a good thing, sometimes, when the Google cannot locate you?

Two - Senor Cervaza has a nice ring to it.


Danneau said...

Do you get a Dos Equis rating? Or are you up to Tres Equis? Hope there is something warming waiting your arrival at hime. I also hope to get the straight dope on this episode.