29 November 2013

Let's Roll

Naturally I am in favour of selling liquor everywhere you can think of, nevermind just the proposed liquor sales expansion into grocery stores. Seriously, why the fuck we do not sell liquor in parks beats the shit out of me. Far as I am concerned prisoners ought to be able to buy themselves a drink in the can.

The whiny little private liquor store owners and their loudmouth PR department can shut the fuck up. I never could see the sense of those little overpriced scab stores. But since we have an overabundance of the little shitbox scab liquor stores I have a suggestion as to what might be done with them that ought to please everybody: turn them into marijuana stores.

Save me a place in line, motherfuckers.

Eventually, Safeway, WalMart and the rest of those corporate cocksuckers will want to take over the marijuana business as well. May as well let them. We can turn the little marijuana stores into hard drug stores. Speed, coke, that shit. Play Velvet Underground songs in the background to make you want to buy more of their fine products.


uniplmr1 said...

I live in a fucking state in Amerika that sells juice from the whiny nervous little people who own liquor stores.
There is not one single fucking vowel of progressive talk on the radio stations here either.
Fucking conspiracies against me are everywhere.
I like it.
Keeps me on my toes.

uniplmr1 said...

You still get fucked like that in New England and Oregon.

That's how they did it in the Soviet Union too.

You see what happened to them.

Give the people what they want and make them pay cash.

Norm Cheers said...

Maybe if you knew what the fuck you were talking about you would know what the issue really is. Liquor stores get a small discount compared to the 123% the Government adds to the liquor they buy. So they need to mark up some to make a profit. If you took your lips off a pipe once in a while maybe you could be an entrepreneur too instead of asking if they want fries with that. Again big business wins (the 99%) Why doesn't the government allow Liquor stores to sell groceries then the small business man could give Walmart, Costco and the rest of the bastards a run for their money.