22 November 2013

Something You Already Know About the Government

The only thing worse than government thinking it knows what the fuck it is doing is people believing government knows what the fuck it is doing.

Case in point - people lobbied government to do something about the stolen metal trade. "Stop them varmints!" the government was told. Laws intended to stop the varmints were duly passed.

Laws never work and just about always have unintended negative consequences. That is why Anarchy looks so fucking good.

I have heard in the coffee shop near where I work just about every business around that has some on hand is having their diesel stolen. My sawmill has been spared, unless the thefts have yet to be noticed, because there are people around the mill at all hours. Diesel, unlike metals, is fucking easy to sell on the black market. Truckers have been cutting one another's throats for so long there is no money to be made in the business unless you have access to half price fuel or you are running dope across the border or back east.

Never forget - the government cannot solve shit. The harder it tries, the more it fucks up.      

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