24 November 2013

Rob Ford - The People's Choice

Lot of people have been having a good old time pissing an ocean on Rob Ford. It does not seem right. At least that is how it looks through the eyes of somebody whose lifestyle is not all that fucking different from Canada's most sought after interview subject.

No wonder so many people who could make great contributions to our country do not choose to do so. They like to drink a little too much a little too often and do drugs when the mood strikes them.

So fucking what.

That is about 90% of Canadians, motherfuckers. Me included. We are not exactly a country of Mennonite librarians.

Think about this for a minute - Who would you rather have as Prime Minister of our country, Rob Ford or Stephen Harper?

Fuck Stephen Harper is what I say.    

Vote Rob Ford. The Fucked Up People's Choice.


uniplmr1 said...

Me now, I don't know who Stephen Harper is and so what. I bet if you touch a Mennonite Librarian just right you'd get the same response as with a Brazilian Policewoman. Being a married motherfucker, unless we play make believe,I will never know that either. 90 percent part time dope fiends is a good population. You can count on them to do things right.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

We Canadians only have America to look up to when it comes to dope fiendishness.

Stephen Harper, if one must describe him to an American, is much like Nixon, except it could be he is even more full of shit than Nixon.

kootcoot said...

"Stephen Harper, if one must describe him to an American, is much like Nixon,"

That statement is insulting to Nixon, and I detested Nixon.

If Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Paul Ryan could reproduce with modern technology, they might create another Harper.........add in Ted Cruz, for the Canadian content!

I am stunned by your love for Rob Ford, there is a differnce between enoying some booze and/or drugs and being in a position of responsibility and hanging out with full out gangsters......though more and more gangsters and politicians are basically the same thing, especially in BeeCee!