21 October 2013

The Advantage of Citizenship

What advantage does citizenship bring us? Burdens! And how high is our labour appraised? As low as possible. - Max Stirner

Cleaned out my office today. Crap piles up in a hurry if you let it, as I do. Had WDVX-FM playing through my computer's speakers as I sorted what was trash, recyclable or to be saved.

Resting for a spell, and enjoying the sounds originating in faraway Tennessee, I pulled Stirner's "The Ego and His Own" from the Anarchist shelf of my library. Opening it at random I came across the above true as ever quotation at the top of the left hand page. Stirner, more so than most Anarchists, is a forgotten chap, but like many of his Freedom loving brothers and sisters the motherfucking squarehead, having been published, will always be with us no matter how dim a memory he becomes.

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