1 October 2013

Greatness of Humanity Challenged

I wonder

If other life
Gets as sick
As often as humans do.
I think the answer

To that is no.
Which begs
The question:
If humans are so

Motherfucking great,
Why do we
Get sick
So much?


motorcycleguy said...

Do you mean sick as in body or as in mind? The latter seems to be gaining ground. Your point about if we're so great stands for both....present company excluded.

karen said...

Just Mother Nature's way of trying to shake the pestilence off her back.

You're still sick, hey? Feel better soon.

I'm partial to hot buttered rye with cinnamon when I am sick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Beer,

Hope you're not too ill, and getting better....


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I was too ill, I can tell pretty easy, my liquor consumption suffers. In a day or three I hope to get the cool buzz you get when you return to health. Until then I have pills.