28 September 2013

13 Sick Lines

Canadians are always getting sick.
Today I am one of them.
Got my medicine,
Dog keeping my feet warm.

Phoned the sawmill
This morning.
"It's Beer. I'm sick.
Won't be in today."

People know me by my first name.

Got the last sweater my grandma
Knit for me before she


RossK said...

There is no finer kind....

Of sweater I mean.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My grandma sweater is about 20 years old. Black and white as a Marx Brothers' movie. Knit a couple years before smoking ended her very long life. My grandma would have preferred I were Christian but she never let my faithlessness stop her from knitting me warm sweaters. She raised massive amounts of money with her knitting too. Hope some of those old sweaters and stuff are still keeping sick people warm too.