2 June 2013

Yet Another Motherfucking Occupation


Anonymous said...

A man from a town near Lytton is facing 12 charges after a bizarre and violent series of events.

Mounties say among the charges against 52-year-old Eric Nelson of Spences Bridge is attempted murder, after he allegedly fired a shotgun at a vehicle and through the wall of a home.

A man in his 50s was inside the home at the time and was struck in the face, causing what the Mounties call “grievous bodily harm.”

Two days later, police locked down the community when they received reports of a man with a gun on the streets.

Nelson is alleged to have stolen a pickup truck and driven to Ashcroft. There, it is alleged he threw a boulder through the window of car and then assaulted two people inside.

Police allege he then demanded cash and potatoes from the couple at gunpoint.

The man was arrested May 22.

Fraser Canyon Krazy

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Everyone knew that sort of shit would happen eventually after the gas station on the highway closed down.