8 June 2013

Chicken Shit City

The most important thing I learned during the time I spent campaigning during the provincial election was how little I had come to understand Steepleton in the two decades I have lived here previous to the campaign. What I learned is that we are, generally speaking, a city of redneck motherfuckers. And motherfucking proud of it. Could not give a pinch of coon shit for anything other than the white race and the white race's capitalist bullshit du jour.

Dumping chicken shit on a homeless camp is exactly who the fuck we are. Do not believe a fucking word of what Steepleton Mayor Chicken Shitface had to say to the media about the retarded farmboy justice being a learning experience for everybody out here. All we have out here is the Hate of the City in the Country.

Hitler would be proud, assholes.

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