15 May 2013

Why the NDP Lost British Columbia's 2013 Election

Why did the NDP lose an election they were favoured to win? Comes down to one factor for me.

The HST referendum provided an opportunity for voters to blow off the rebellious steam necessary to power change.

There were other, smaller, factors at play. Those ancillary factors are powering much of today's post-election chit-chat.

Fuck the ancillary factors. The anti-HST campaign is the motherfucking elephant in the room.


Anonymous said...

were there any exit polls done?

there was ~20% undecided when the writ dropped - did they all swing to the BC Libs?

educated women were backing Dix - did, as one blogster alleges, those women go for CC as a reaction against the BIG bullies behind 8:01?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The circumstances of this election were different than any that preceded it in BC history. The difference was the HST referendum in my view. Without such an opportunity for voters to vent on a government they were pissed off at I doubt the NDP would have seen such a reversal in popularity in the three weeks before we began voting and I further doubt whether the Liberals would have benefitted as much as they did as half of the Conservative Party supporters leaned elsewhere with their own votes as the clock ticked towards the 14th of May.