12 April 2013

Fear and Loathing in British Columbia - Campaign 2013 (Part 2)

I find my attention drawn in two separate directions as the weekend approaches. Drawn, more specifically, to separate races, as the official beginning of the provincial election campaign draws near and Dope City Downs begins this year's meeting.

It is too soon to predict the exact number of seats each party and each of the strong independents might win with any great confidence. Lucky for you I drink enough to provide me the confidence others lack. The Liberals and the Conservatives will very nearly evenly split about two dozen seats. I expect the Conservative leader, old what's his name, to give a sizable boost to his party's fortune at the Liberal's expense when he gets the radio and television exposure he sorely needs. He is an idiot, voters will observe, but at least he is a different idiot than Christy. Independents will win one for sure and very possibly surprise with one more. Looks like the Greens are going to score one and keep their pindick momentum on the rise.

The outlook here in the Valley is less clear than just about anywhere in the province - a marked change of affairs. I see races once won by thousands of Liberal votes now within reach of well run energetic campaigns of Conservative, NDP or independent candidates. That is how pissed off people are with the Liberals. It looks like each of them can expect to lose roughly 1500 supporters. Their challengers need only raise their support by a similar figure to make for a night every bit as exciting as the Clark/Eby by-election won recently by our reckless lipped Premier. If the picture becomes clearer I will let you all know.

The local horse races are another matter. I am looking to Dog to win his first race of the year in the 7th on Sunday. Ran well going short last season. The big son of Rosberg should prove to be an exciting horse to watch for years around here. I expect him to look the spitting image of his sire in the walking ring and warming up late Sunday afternoon.

Nothing else grabs my attention from a betting perspective this weekend. A man has to watch and learn as much as he can around Dope City's dirt oval in the spring. The spring bettor is always advised to carry lots of iron on his ass in this western outpost of the Sport of King Dix.

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