18 April 2013

An Excellent Sign Location

Five guys were passing around a bong as I approached their shady porch. I was out seeking permission to erect a big sign for one of the many campaigns I am working for this spring.

(I thought working for several campaigns would generate many stories. I was right but working so many campaigns has left me with little time to write about the experience.)

As I made my way up the stairs a couple of the guys looked my way. The other three could have cared less so long as I did not intend to make off with their smoke or their smoking apparatus.

They did not want the sign.

"There's more of us who live here than just us and we're all over the fucking place politically. But since you're working for the fucking Liberals why don't tell me what your party's stand is on legalizing marijuana?"

Sometimes you get hard questions when you are interfacing with Joe Public. This was not one of them.

"Once we are elected our candidates will not touch the subject with a ten foot pole until, one by one, we decide not to run again and discover we are all in favour of legalization. Make sense?"

"Not really," replied one of my doper friends as he exhaled voluminously.

"Doesn't make sense to me either. I'm just out looking for excellent sign locations."

"Do any of the political parties support legalization?"

"I hear the Greens do."

"Maybe we'll vote for them."

Besides the guy doing the talking they all looked kind of vacant. The guy doing the talking is what the fucking police would call the ring leader.

"Good luck with that."

"You want a hit before you go?"

"No thanks. But I'd have a beer if you can spare one."

"One of you guys want to get this asshole a beer?"

The PBR went down like the innocence of the Boston Marathon. Went down so well I bought a few more from them before I made my way back to the campaign office near dark. Motherfuck the sign locations.

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