9 March 2013

So Long

I have been listening to CBC Radio a little more often. In my car. AM radio on the FM dial.

On the way home from the motherfucking mill yesterday (after I had stopped for a couple to get me in the mood for a couple days of unfettered Freedom) my radio host had somebody on talking about Stompin' Tom Connors and playing a few of his records.

At the end of the segment they played "The Hockey Song." Soon as the first chords reached my ears I started crying. About fucking time. When people die a little crying is in order. Seemed odd it was "The Hockey Song" that touched off my emotional side. I was glad it was sunny and I had my sunglasses on.

I feel much better now. It was good to know you Tom. Now I have to carry on. I have a fucking country to help save.


RossK said...

And a good thing it was yesterday too.

Because I have a feeling that today it will turn into a Timmy's N' Doughnut's Palooza on the TeeVee version of what our game has become.

(and will Cherry be wearing a hat tonight?)

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I big black cowboy hat on Cherry's head is the safest bet at the racetrack tonight.