28 March 2013


I read, a while back, there is an overage of arsenic in rice. Something about the way it is grown in arsenic muck. I was advised to rinse my rice real well to decrease the overage. This I have been doing.

But last night as I rinsed and rinsed my motherfucking rice I wondered to myself how much the fishies must appreciate me rinsing my rice real good so they could be exposed to the arsenic I fear might fucking kill me. The fishies I eat, I might add.

We really do treat our oceans as if we might find another clean one one day. Why are we such assholes?

The only thing safe to put in your gut is beer. Everything else has shit in it you would not feed to Rich Coleman unless you had seen him talking on tv that day.


motorcycleguy said...

Travelling in SE Asia I saw lots of rice fields...lots....and, the rice gets laid right on the shoulder of the road to dry. I have great photos of the poorly maintained diesel trucks and 2-stroke tuk-tuks travelling with their exhaust pipes directed right at the drying rice...then it is put in burlap sacks with nice labelling and sold to us as pure white healthy rice. That being said, I like rice.

motorcycleguy said...

the only thing safe to put in your gut is beer....hear, hear!.....except maybe cheap whiskey...and, I suppose cheap red wine

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I like rice too but when I learned about the arsenic in it it made me happy I like spuds better.

Anonymous said...

The Arsenic is the least of our worries, do you ever wonder where they shit when their working the fields?