18 March 2013

April 25, 1966

Does anybody still listen to the Velvet Underground? Is there anybody who has not listened to the Velvet Underground?

Though I had aleady been a fan of Lou Reed's music for a few years, I had not heard the Velvet Underground until I was introduced to them by friends in England. English kids then were such motherfucking hipsters. Stray, the Groundhogs, the Pink Fairies and Curved Air all reached my ears in a dim now long closed English club where, stinko, I often found myself teetering on the adjacent banks of the Thames as I pissed into its foul waters.

Since then I have bought anything and everything I have come across which carried the Velvet's swinging brand. Put on their Scepter Studios Sessions (April 25, 1966) released just last year this afternoon. Best recordings of "Heroin" and "I'm Waiting For the Man" I have ever heard and I have heard a lot of them. Lou sounds positively enchanting singing two of his best known songs. By enchanting I mean enchanting in a scare your parents even if they are fucking Satanists sort of way.

Rest of the record is great too. Go buy it you EDM sissie motherfuckers.

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motorcycleguy said...

checked my vinyl...nothing...but there is Lou Reed Transformer, New York and Rock and Roll Animal (long after 1966)..hard to find Velvet Underground that is not a "best of" or otherwise lousy recording, just doesn't do justice