18 January 2013

No Elvis, Beatles or DOA in 2013!

The year was a dozen days old and I had not bought a new record so I took myself to a record shop. All I wanted was DOA's new one. A vinyl copy was not to be found on my record store visits towards the end of last year. Poked my head into Highlife - they had it. Only DOA records I cannot call my own are their "General Strike" 45 and the live record they put out fucking near as long ago.

New one is great but to be honest it is a notch below their last one which was a motherfucking Beast. Never thought DOA would do a fucking Beatles song. Maybe it is just as well they are packing it in: next album they would probably cover "Stayin' Alive."

The saddest thing about seeing them gone for good at the end of next month is the Rolling fucking Stones outliving them. No Elvis, Beatles or DOA in 2013!

Cover of Patti Smith's new record "Banga" caught my eye as well so I bought it too. Have not bought a new record of her's since "Easter."

Glad I decided to take a chance on it. Warm as the Mexican morning sun it is. Too soon to say for sure but I think it just may be one of my favourite records ever. Not as good as "Lulu" or anything. I would not go that far but it is comparable insofar as it successfully makes for a good backseat venereal fuck of poetry and rock 'n' roll.

Tom Verlaine, another old favourite of mine who I have lost track of over the years, chips in with a few of his best solos ever. Motherfucker always saves his best shit for Patti.

Support Patti Smith and DOA. Go buy their shit, motherfuckers!  

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