17 October 2012

No Notes

I rarely, very rarely make notes before I whack out the latest from Dope City's biggest Free Press. The Tyee may be bigger but my press is more Free by a longshot. Say what the fuck we want around here - keeps the editorial decisions like,"Should I have another beer?" - from getting in our fucking way.

Glad I made a the decision not to become a Canadian Border Agent today. Have not yet been shot at or otherwise had anyone try and kill me since I assumed my position in front of my big IKEA desk.  Not too many writers get killed in this country but do not worry the Conservative government will soon get that fixed.

Waiting on the identity of the border guard shot. Could be I know her. You can never have enough Anarchists working for the Border Patrol. I know more of them than you might guess. The Dope Free Press is proud of our relationship with people who think shit is fucked up. Nobody knows what a waste of time looks like better than a border guard. The fucking government might as well staff the border with Transit Cops - Sky Pigs. Useless motherfuckers.

I tried to get involved in Joe Keithly's election nomination over in Coquitlam. I must have been kidding myself. One too many fucked up bridges for me to cross to make it into Coquitlam and then once I am there I am lost as Christy Clark without a big smile on her face and her bigger ass trailing behind her like she has a contract with Jenny Craig lined up in the near future.  Hope to get involved in some way out here where I belong, where we like to think the Legislature should be moved to. We would put a statue of a raspberry up in front of it. Fuck Victoria and fuck Queen Victoria's statue too.

Change is all we have got. And we need it because the current assholes are the worst governmet our province has ever had. The worst by far.


motorcycleguy said...

Could have met you half way and guided you in. Joe has good people working for him. We need change all right...all around....and now, not later.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The evil shits are going to wait until mere days before the May election to throw dirt over the rotting corpse of the HST. Hope they save a big pile of it for themselves.

motorcycleguy said...

They have to wait until May, too busy right now pushing through IPP contracts (and who knows what else). Signing all those temporary work visas takes time too. They have woken up a lot of people in this province. Just shows they are not even smart enough to fool the public.