16 October 2012

Black Swan Beer

Watched "Black Swan" with Sonja Sunday night. Be nice if somebody had warned me the movie is almost as spooky the Canadian Conservative Party's membership list.

Even the lesbian bits were spooky.

Five stars motherfuckers.


istvan said...

Well Beer, i just watched a soap opera.What a bunch of bullshit!These guys are even more stupid than our Canadian politions.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

When Sonja used to watch sopa operas I would sometimes watch a bit of one with her. You think Stephen Harper has an even more evil twin brother about to make an appearance on the stage?

Anonymous said...

Being the absinthe drinker you are, I figured you might appreciate the absinthe bar here in Antibes, France. We just went for the first time since we moved here (2 years ago) and tried out 8 different types. They limit you to 3 drinks per person. just as well, really. We decided not to max ourselves on our first go. Anyway, it is my new drink of choice. How awesome is it that they open at 9am and don't close until midnight. Just wanted to share - especially considering we only just got back from our absinthe adventure. GAB

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I may have drank more than three good sized glasses on but a few occasions. I have people looking at me across the bar (or the fishing boat) wondering why someone has not already called an ambulance on the Canadian who cannot get anyone else at the bar or in the boat to have go with him. God damn pussies! Mexicians will let you drink as much absinthe as you like. We will never have to bail Mexico out of a war; France on the other hand could use our help right now and no one has even invaded them yet. The French make great absinthe but I have only yet tried one myself. Drank some at the Grey Cup last year. If you watch yourself just a little with the stuff it produces long memorable nights such as you have experienced. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

So the question is, where does one buy absinthe in BC? Apparently, one is not permitted to travel it in checked bags on the plane (not that I won't give it a go once I figure out which one I like best) and we all know there isn't any chance of taking it in the carry-on luggage. Fuckers.