5 October 2012

Dope City Department of No Bullshit

Justin Trudeau seems ok to me. Too bad for him his chosen party has never seemed ok. Short of being delivered a trailer of beer from a Liberal friendly brewery, I would never vote for the motherfuckers.

All I am saying is what my political instincts have always told me. Justin is ok. My feeling is he scares loads and loads of shit out of the NDP. Their dismissiveness of him gives a louder voice to their fears than if they just admitted he was ok, probably the best Liberal candidate available and that he too, referring to their own Poutine man, would make a better Prime Minister than the current Alberta asskissshitfuck we are stuck with.


uniplmr1 said...

My thought is, they are all full of monkey shit and deserve it, too. Look what we got.
We're all fucked.
Never give up

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You are spot on. What you have written sounds like a damn good re-write of the Preamble to as many National Constitutions as you can think of. They, who have no interest in democracy, the power of the people to rule themselves instead of leaving it to tyrants to fuck us over, are monkey shits.