23 October 2012

A Small PLace Just Like Earth

My world is mostly a small place just like Earth.

My world is my neighbourhood - the places my dog and I can walk to that are close enough that I do not need to stop for a beer before we return home. 

My extended world is the places we walk where I will stop for a beer or a shot from my flask before we get home. My extended world provides quite a bit of variety for the both of us. Unfamiliar shit and piss for the Hammer to smell, roll in or eat; the broad tranquilized landscape of the motherfucking suburbs I am so comfortable in.

It is into other people worlds we enter when we have to take a car to get to them. The river, all but the closest mountains, my trusty barber, the fucking liquor store. We might as well be visiting a foreign country when we go to those places. A very dangerous foreign country. Cops, crackheads, all sorts of people who are not right.

Nothing wrong with staying close to home. Sonja, the Strangler and I chose our neighbourhood well. Home is where the beer is, after all.



kootcoot said...

Mr. Beer.....I love

" Home is where the beer is, after all."

You will likely enjoy the header at this webpage.....about downloading (or not downloading)(or the inability to download certain things).


Anonymous said...

Who is the stangler?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Strangler was the name of my first dog.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks Koots. We may not have NHL hockey but we still have beer. I am going to check that link right now.