22 October 2012

Which Side Are You On?

You know what is going to happen if we let cut rate Chinese miners start working our coal up in Fort St. John? I will tell you what. They are going to dig a hole straight back to their Fatherland. It will take them a while unless they have already started from their end several years ago, which they probably have. Then they are going to attack us. Of course they will occupy the tar sands first. Assholes in Alberta will never know what the fuck hit them.

We do not need people from other fucking countries moving up north and doing work we have plenty of Newfies left to do. My union is standing up to China, the crooked fuckers who tricked British Columbians into voting for them and China's buddy-buddies in Ottawa. Are you with us?

I know what side I am on.

Fuck them.

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