6 September 2012

Walking Around My House In My Boxers

Been walking around the house in my boxers a lot again the last few days because of summer's long, sweaty legs. Cook dinner in my boxers too. Sonja is ok with that. She knows I buy my boxers when I am in Mexico, where they make the best boxers on Earth, and they remind her of our fucked up times down there.

What Sonja does not like is me walking around the house naked. "Don't sit there with your sweaty ass!" I save my walking around naked for when she is not at home. That is when I sit everywhere with my sweaty sawmill ass. Even on her ironing board.

Been watching the DNC on tv. I am such a political junkie. I sense desperation in the Democratic camp. They are running like they are afraid they are going to lose, not running like they are going to fucking win like they did four long motherfucking years ago.

America is not my country. God did not bless you motherfuckers. America would be the last fucking place he would bless. Too many assholes, many of them plainly Satanic, down there for God's liking. God blessed Canada, then he fucking died before the white man showed up and fucked his blessing up.

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