9 September 2012

Late Summer Beer Review

Do not do enough beer reviewing do I? Here's one.

Used to drink vats of Granville Island products. They make great fucking beer. Got away from their products and never went back for no good reason. Beer consumers like me can be fickle that way.

We are some fucked up, baby.

Sat down at the bar of my local Wet Spot today. Ordered a Granville Island hefeweizen. Got poured right in front of me. Looked like beer puke after you have been drinking beer without eating in 24 hours. Tasted fucking great.

Go fucking drink some.


Laila said...

Best review ever.Love their Winter Ale best,have to buy it and keep it in cold storage for the summertime I love it so much.And it makes a damn fine pulled port butt.....

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Lucrative offers to become a professional suds reviewer are pouring in faster than Clint Eastwood is getting scripts for a one man stage production.