19 September 2012

Photographs of Our Future King and Queen Butt Naked In Canada

I am still waiting for the fucking Queen and her fucking lawyers to stop me from publishing photos of her grand children slapping sun screen on one another's naked bodies. Could be a long fucking wait - the Dope City Free Press does not have the widest of head in the fucking gutter European audiences.


That said, I am not sure what I would think of some trashy magazine showing off my cock and balls on its pages. Or Sonja's titties. Yeah, right. I would think something like, "You French fucking pigs." Or perhaps, "You Italian fucking cocksuckers."

But I would not sue a Free Press - only Nazis sue a Free Press.

Fact is, I do not care what my future Queen's tits look like. I only hope she is not a fucking Nazi.

Just like my future Queen, should I live so long, I too have been naked in the great outdoors. Cannot afford to do so in the south of France. More like the south of Squamish. That is where my junk hangs out.

I bet my future King and Queen fucked themselves silly in the great outdoors of Canada when they were here on their first of many grand tours. Probably no one will ever know for sure though. We Canadians were too fucking polite to publish the photographs, you fucking French pigs and Italian cocksuckers.


the salamander said...

well said ... well said .... !

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks Sal.