18 September 2012

Metal Evolution

I am not a big television watcher, as has been noted here before. Rarely watch You Tube either. I am like Tommy - hear me, touch me, feel me, motherfuckers. One show that has caught my eye and that I may have finally caught up on is "Metal Evolution." It is all about heavy metal music, something I am quite fond of to this day.

Last night I finally caught the episode that featured Blue Cheer, the MC5, the Stooges, Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper - bands I all caught up with but whom were slightly ahead of my time.

The old videos of Cooper I had seen somewhere before. Loved that glitter shit they used to wear.

Do not think I had seen the old Amboy Dukes footage of Nugent. He fucking killed. I do not even mind his present day hatred of Obama. We cannot all be fucking Anarchists.

Blue Cheer, named after a popular brand of acid if I remember right, were a bunch of right noisy fucks. Do not think they ever got it down on vinyl like they would have liked. The old video made me wish, yet again, that I had seen them live.

The old footage of the Stooges was great. Fuck everyone else, those boys were the greatest rock 'n' rollers ever. Did not hurt that they had the best audiences ever. Dope City can have all the riots it wants and it will never out-rock the original Hockeytown.

It was the old footage of the MC5 that really amazed me. God damn it could those fuckers ever put on a show. Records turned out pretty good too.

Guess I better say it! Kick out the jams motherfuckers!


Anonymous said...

I've heard the best concert footage of the MC5 was shot by the FBI. The Five, after all, were almost enemies of the state.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

All you had to do in MC5's time was grow your hair to become an enemy of the state - nevermind creating, maintaining and encouraging the sorts of associations they were famous for.