16 August 2012

Summertime Sawmill Blues

I tried to write at work but I could not do it. Too motherfucking hot. Who wants to read about the summertime sawmill blues anyway?

Well, you asked for it, as Ronald Reagan once said to the good people of Grenada.

Had to use the sawmill shitter today. The seat was every bit as sticky as I expected. The cleaning people come in Wednesday nights. It was Tuesday afternoon. That is one fuck of a lot of sweaty sawmill ass that had rested on that john before I did.

There was one bit of good news for the boys however. Sounds like the best shitheads money can buy in Victoria have cleared the way to log anything and everything left standing in our picked over forests.

Fuck you hippies.


bewlay said...

The logs keep gettin' skinnier as they roll down the island highway...on the way to China.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Never thought I would see the day we would logging for Chairman Motherfucking Mao.