17 August 2012

Summer Without the Stranglers Is Like a Horse Race Without A Winner

Have a favourite summer record? Favourite summer song?

My favourite summer record is the Stranglers' "Rattus Norvegicus." It is an American sounding record and in the days before the shit hit the fucking fan Americans had more fun in the summer than anybody. (That is because so much of the fun of summer costs money. Money the fat motherfuckers too dumb to form unions do not have as much of any more.) The sound of the final months of my life in an English grammar school; rocking the common room with the lads.

I was a carefree motherfucker with nothing better to do than go to the pub. Could be I never lost that summer feeling.

Favourite summer song of mine can be found on the same record. It begins side two and is called "Peaches."

Fuck the Beach Boys. Spread some of that suntan lotion on my peeling skin baby. That feels real good.


JustFrankie said...

But but people here claim union thugs are causing all deeze deficits in our public sector and the private ones kill businesses. Guess I'm saving some businesses by not having a free dime in my pocket.

Favorite-Sunny Afternoon The Kinks

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Think I'll pull that and all the rest of my Kinks records out for a play on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ray Davies got your Kinks mojo going didn't he?
Me too!
Try their 'Sunny Afternoon'if you have it.