22 August 2012

More on the Pipeline

Guess everybody has heard about that Black fucker's plan to build a refinery right here in British Columbia to turn good old Alberta's black gold into fuel and such instead of letting the Chinese do it on their side of the rising Pacific. You too have probably digested both sides of the pros and cons of the proposal.

Here is what I think. We could use some of Black's forward thinking applied to the big motherfucking pipeline of saw logs we have built and are keeping pumping with raw timber we ought to be creating jobs with right here at home. $14,000,000,000 would build enough sawmills and re-manufacturing capacity to keep every man woman and child employed in this province for a hundred fucking years.

That may be an exaggeration but I cannot exaggerate how pissed off I am that someone like Black, who could not give a spotted owl's ass about the jobs we are shipping out of here one boom after another, would bend over backwards and more to please Big Motherfucking Oil when he thinks the creation of a few thousand jobs, a fraction of what this province's forest industry has lost in the last decade alone, will save their bleeding pipeline.


Kim said...

If only to replant the motherfucking trees! What happened to this province?

Anonymous said...

The deal Harper made with Communist China, is China has refused to have the oil refined in Canada. They can pay their people dirt cheap wages, to have the oil refined in China. Harper has permitted China, to bring their own people to work the tar sands. Harper has even said, China will bring swarms of them over, to build the Enbridge pipeline.

Those dirt cheap wages are a boon, to Enbridge, Harper, Communist China and Alberta. Their margin of profit, is that much higher.

It's the same scene, of Campbell shipping mills to China, along with our raw logs. The BC mill workers are cut out. So the profits are that much higher for, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. They and Harper too, are traitors and should be tried for High Treason.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The comparison between oil piplelines ans sawmill pipelines is apt. In aggregate logging has caused and will continue to cause more harm to our province's environment than a fucking pipeline ever will. The trade-off for knocking down our forests is supposed to be the social benefit of stumpage fees AND having people working in small town mills across the province.

Danneau said...

RossK sent me here. I probably would have stopped by anyway: beer is a staple and it's likely that this is the only hockey we'll see this year. So I'd like to second Kim's comment and say that that $14bn would do much to mitigate and remediate the damage done, physically and socially, to our landscape by our rape-and-pillage forestry schemes. Of course, much of the rest of the economy works on the same principle.