23 August 2012

Four Strong Pipelines

You can probably tell more about a man by the music you do not expect him to listen to when he gets home from the fucking job than what he usually listens to. Everybody knows I like to listen to stuff like, "We are the endangered species/We can blow ourselves to pieces." Overproof rock 'n' roll.

Today I put on Neil Young's "Comes A Time." Cassette. My old record is a little worn out. Used to play it a lot when it first came out back when I was blowing my mind to pieces but had not made such fine work of the job that I could not see my lifestyle lasting for much longer if I kept it up. About a decade later I took my foot off the gas a little.

Cassette came from a thift shop. Picked up an Ian Tyson cassette I have not heard yet with it. Be reporting on that shortly. Tyson is an Albertan motherfucker. Looks like one even. All hat and a dumb as fuck look in his eyes that Hitler must have seen in westerners when he figured he could kick our ass.

His most famous song is sung by Young on "Comes A Time." For some men, cowboy songs are the only sense they get talked into them.


motorcycleguy said...

not that long ago I put on "Summer Wages" by Tyson....a favourite of mine...I admit the lyrics tricked me into forgetting he was an Albertan

Anonymous said...

Ian Tyson; Born Victoria, BC 1933. Raised in Duncan, BC. Pretty good songwriter from BC that just happened to end up in Alberta. Nothing wrong with that.

motorcycleguy said...

I feel better now, thank-you anonymous 2:23..agreed