22 June 2012

Pays To Be Lucky

Was talking to a neighbour's wife tonight. The Hammer and I were out enjoying the air - it is so great in the evening as a warm day prepares, slow as a government's excuse machine, to turn into tomorrow's rain.

"How's the old boy doing?" I asked as she tended her garden.

"He's getting better and better. He is lucid just about all the time now. Pretty soon I think he will be back golfing."

Her old man had brain surgery a few months back. Never know when you may  need to visit one of our hospitals we hear so much bad shit about.

"Of course we were scared he might pick up an infection while he was in there but he didn't. It pays to be lucky Beer."

It does. I have been in hospitals before myself. No infections for me either.

It pays to be lucky, motherfuckers. Pays to be Canadian too.  


Jon said...

Yeah, rub it in.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Good thing we won the 1812 war.