19 June 2012

Hunting the Great Black Bear

The rain sure has got the underbrush growing this spring. Growing faster than the list of ways the Tory government can think of to fuck us around. As the Hammer searched for the black bear loose in my black bear unfriendly city on our afternoon walk I snapped branches extending into my path. The speed with which shit grows in our temperate rain forest is amazing. Hard to believe we have logged off such fast growing woods fast enough the last four or five decades so as to put men out of work for generations to come.

Pisses me off.

Walking on the sidewalk is ok every now and then. Where I live we say hello to one another as we make our way to where ever the fuck it is we are going. It is one of the things I like about where I live. There is no fear in the streets here. There are even people drinking beer and smoking joints as they walk just like people do in the big city.

I think the Hammer caught a whiff of the bear. She veered well off the path onto a route only a well trained nose could create, at times stopping with her head real low like a hunter's in search of the great black son of a bitch. Some people do not recommend being in the bush with a dog. I would not be in the bush without one.

The government fuckers who call themselves conservation officers say there are twenty bears or more living on the mountain up behind where I live. Little surprised the bears would be down here in the city. There are berries galore in the bush this spring and lots more getting ready to feed humans and bears this summer.

Me and the bears have been sharing the woods a long time. We do not fuck with one another. The bears and I, we are motherfucking Anarchists. We could not be much different form one another except for one thing: we are both Free.


uniplmr1 said...

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