14 June 2012

New To Me

My first thrift store cd player acquisition did not go so good. Lost one channel. Twenty-five bucks down the sawmill shitter. Bought another one today. Twenty bucks. It is a Sony too. Japanese motherfuckers.

Hooked it up, filled it with music. Springsteen's "Working On A Dream," I am liking Bruce more and more all the time; Eldorado's "Suitcase" which I am liking even more today than yesterday, hey, sorry I missed you guys when you were around; Chris Isaak's "Baja Sessions," fucking brilliant shit from the man who brought me the last tv show I tried my best to never miss; Art Bergman's "Crawl With Me," the silveriest Sliverville motherfucker of them all who I remember best for the time I walked in on him working at Profile studios, cigarette smoke and a withering glance, when I was looking into whether or not the music business had a place for me in it - I am still in the sawmill business - not the lost planet Art Bergman I saw in "Bloodied But Unbowed"; and a great surf song compilation. All five of them from thrift stores too.

The Sony is a little newer than the old one and it sounds better than the old one in my ringing sawmill ears.

Was a time I would have never listened to that shit. Too mellow for this old punk rocker with a first rate death wish. Got it turned up loud. Got myself dancing, sort of, in my office rocking chair. The grave? It can fucking wait.


RossK said...


Had a weird bootlegged version of Bruce's 'Trapped' on as I started reading of this.

And I immediately thought of the burned-out, old guy version of AB before you got to him.

And I couldn't quite figure out which path I would have taken if I had been given a chance like the one AB took.

Then I remembered that the point was moot because the other thing I learned from that 'Bloodied But Unbowed' thing is that I never really had it in me to make it in the first place*.

'Make' the chance, I mean.

Because, clearly, Mr. Bergman did both....

Both made and then took the chance I mean.

*Came to the same realization about making and taking chances after I saw that great doc on The Minutemen also.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The old boy made some fucking great art. Sometimes that requires jumping in front of a bus. John Armstrong painted what I hope will be the longest lasting look at Bergman in his book "Guilty of Everything." A must read, even if you do not go for old punk rock war stories.