15 June 2012

Canadien Chien

When you live in one neighbourhood for a long, long time, as Sonja and have done, you get to know your your neighbours a little more than if you move around a lot, which we have done too. Get to know their dogs too.

Last night one of my neighbours was at the park with two of his three dogs. After we talked about weather and his wife's trip to fucking Hawaii with her girlfriends I asked about the other dog.

"He's dead," was the reply. "Took her up to the mountains and buried her wrapped in her Montreal Canadiens' blanket."

Poor thing.

The Hammer goofed off with his other two dogs. Did not seem to miss his dead dog buddy. Dogs live in the moment, living in the past only in their running in the mountains dog dreams.

We live. We die. It is excellent.

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