12 May 2012

What Happened To Reggae?

Believe it or not I do not always share an opinion I hold sincerely with you all. Here is one I have been holding back: What the fuck happened to reggae music? Is it all shit now?

You are fucking right it is.

Sonja and I still tune in, occasionally, to what used to be the reggae music show on Saturday nights on Co-op radio. All they play is motherfucking soca. Disco reggae. Makes want to vomit. Fuck that soca bullshit.

What got me to thinking I should write something about the apparent sorry as shit state of modern reggae music was a used cd I picked up the other day. It has Toots, Culture, old Jimmy Cliff (not disco soca Jimmy Cliff - fuck him), Rico, Joe Higgs, and all kinds of other great reggae shit on it. Song that really got me to wanting to listen to more great reggae is Black Uhuru's "Sponji Reggae." It is the neat little inventive bells and teensy mindfuck guitar bits that made wish it was 1977 again. Kills like a gangster out on parole.

If you know of some rocking, rocking, rocking reggae music being invented right here in twenty-fuckin-twelve please let me know.

I need a hit.



Kulcha Shok said...

where can I send u a cd

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You do not have to send me anything. Tell me where to buy a cd. Better yet, tell me where to buy the vinyl.

JottEff said...

If it doesn´t have to be reggae of the purest kind and if contemporary music with some reggae elements is welcome, too, you might want to check out a band called "The Jai-Alai Savant". In 2007 they released their album "Flight of the Bass Delegate" on Gold Standard Laboratories, of course available on vinyl. Like said, no old school reggae but interesting music with a reggae touch.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is two ideas I can take to my record stores when I am next in Dope City. Anybody else?